JUNE 2023

8 Jun – all three juveniles took their first flights today – not necessarily by choice. The first to leave was XNF at 05:02. XNF and XRF were sitting on the ledge when XSF ran into the box flapping vigorously. This gave its two siblings a shock and XNF took flight as XRF stood behind the central column. XRF was next to go but not by design. At 05:30, XSF was exercising its wings when it jumped into XRF and forced it from the ledge. There was a more graceful and routine departure by XSF at 10:30.

8 June 2024 – Video: XNF flies off after being spooked by XSF’s wing flapping.
8 June 2024 – Video: XRF is pushed off the ledge by XSF jumping across the ledge.
8 June 2024 – Video: XSF takes its first flight.

27 Jun – XRF was on the ledge at 3:55 remaining until 4:35 to be replaced by XNF for a few moments before XRF returns briefly at 5:15 and is back again for a couple of minutes at 6:15. XNF lands at 7:00. The male brings in Feral Pigeon prey 30 minutes later and the female lands. The male leaves and XNF forces the female from the ledge. XRF lands a few moments later and watches XNF stash the meal as it is already well fed; the two juveniles fly off together. The male lands a few moments later and is quickly followed by XRF who sits on the ledge whilst the male feeds on the stashed pigeon. He is forced off by XRF 15 minutes later. XNF joins its sibling at 8:05 and goes into the box. XSF lands 30 minutes later and all three are on the platform at 9:35 dozing in the sun. XNF looks to feed on some scraps at 10:00, then moves into the box whilst its two siblings sit on the platform. XRF takes a short flight at 10:25, then sits in the box with XRF. They are joined by XSF ten minutes later. XRF flies off at 11:00 returning 15 minutes later. The threesome remain in the box until 12:55 when XRF moves to the ledge and preens. The adult male flies in at 12:15 but is surrounded by the juveniles and forced out. XRF flies off at 13:20 and XNF five minutes later. XRF returns at 14:00 to join XSF. They move into the box at 16:45 and are joined by XNF at 16:50. At 18:05, XRF moves to the ledge and XSF follows at 18:25. XRF and XNF fly off at 18:45. XRF returns at 19:20 for 30 minutes and is back again at 20:40 until 21:15. XNF flies in ten minutes later feeding on scraps from the platform, then leaves at 21:45 whilst XSF remained in the box until midnight.

28 Jun – the adult male arrives on the ledge at 2:10 until 4:10 when he is forced off by XRF flying in. XRF leaves 30 minutes later. Five minutes later, XRF and XSF fly in. XRF leaves at 5:00 but returns to its sibling’s side after 15 minutes. XNF joins at 5:25 and all three juveniles are on the ledge. XRF leaves at 6:00 and XNF five minutes later. XSF goes into the box at 6:30 until 6:55 and flies off at 7:05 to be replaced briefly by XRF. At 7:30 XRF and XSF are back. XSF leaves at 8:10 quickly followed by XRF. XRF returns at 9:20 and lies on the platform in the sunshine until 9:55 when it flies off. At 10:20, XRF flies in carrying Feral Pigeon prey and stashes it in the box before sitting on the ledge. It is joined by the adult female at 10:30 who plucks and feeds on the pigeon whilst XRF dozes with a full crop. The male lands at 10:45 and the female leaves as XRF snatches the meal from her. The male flies out and XRF stashes the pigeon, then lies on the platform in the sun. At 13:30, it finds the pigeon and feeds on it for 20 minutes, then sits on the ledge with a full crop until 14:10 when it flies off. It is back at 17:20 and prevents the female from landing ten minutes later. It feeds on the stashed pigeon at 18:30 and flies off with the remains at 19:10. At 20:20, XSF flies in with a meal and leaves at 21:10.

29 Jun – XRF lands on the ledge at 4:15 until flying off at 4:40 and returns at 5:45 for 15 minutes. It is back again briefly at 6:20. The adult female makes a visit at 7:40 and removes a bit of left-over prey. XRF returns at 9:35 looking well fed and carrying the remains of a Feral Pigeon meal. It stashes the remains and sits on the ledge. The female flies in at 9:50 and tries to feed the remains to XRF but it already has a full crop, so she finishes the meal and flies off at 10:10. XRF lies on the platform in the heat and dozes. It is joined by XNF at 10:45 who picks at scraps from the box before moving to the ledge. XNF goes into the box at 11:10 whilst XRF falls asleep on the platform, then flies off at 11:25 quickly followed by its sibling. XRF returns at 15:20 and lies on the platform. It checks the box for food at 17:00 and finds a few scraps, then sits on the ledge. It is joined by XSF at 17:35. XRF leaves five minutes later but returns briefly at 18:15. XSF flies off at 18:50. XRF is back at 20:30 searching for food but leaves after ten minutes.

30 Jun – XRF lands on the ledge at 4:15 and is quickly followed by XNF who searches for scraps on the platform. They fly off together at 4:45. The adult female checks the box a few minutes later. XNF returns at 7:35 and falls asleep in the box for 20 minute, then moves back to the platform and lies down in the sun. It is joined by XRF at 9:05 and both birds lie on the platform. They fly off together at 9:35. XRF is back at 9:55 until 10:30. The male lands briefly with fresh Feral Pigeon prey at 10:35 but there are no juveniles in the box. The female lands at 11:45 but is chased off by the arrival of XRF that remains until 12:20. XRF is back at 12:45 and goes into the box until 13:30 when it moves back to the ledge before flying off at 14:20. XRF returns looking well fed at 17:10 and lies on the platform. It flies off at 18:15 and is replaced by XNF, then returns at 18:55. XNF leaves after 20 minutes. It is back at 19:45, flies off at 20:10 but returns 30 minutes later carrying plucked Blackbird prey which it stashes. XRF sees the opportunity and snatches the meal whilst XNF looks on. They fly off together at 21:00 but XRF returns briefly five minutes later.