Nest Box Cameras- Live Streaming

The next WATCH DAY will be on Thursday 25th April from 9:30 in St. Martins Square.

Most Recent Activity:

18 Apr – the female has a look from the platform at 4:05 then returns to the eggs. The male arrives an hour later to replace her. He flies out at 7:45 and the she takes over five minutes later. The female leaves at 9:45 and the male incubates until 10:45 when she lands with a full crop. She looks out from the platform at 11:20, then returns to the eggs. The male is back incubating at 13:30 but flies out after just ten minutes and the female returns. He takes over again at 14:55 for an hour and is back again at 17:50. The female returns at 20:45 to take over until midnight at least.

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Please refresh your screen if the picture freezes. Please note, there is currently no sound from the Overview camera.

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