Videos of the three juveniles taking their first flights are available HERE:

Most Recent Activity:

20 Jul – the female flies in at 2:00 carrying another fresh Moorhen prey but flies off 30 minutes later. The male arrives at 8:05 closely followed by XNF and XRF. He leaves quickly and XNF flies off as XRF decides to pluck and feed on the stashed Moorhen. It leaves with the meal at 8:45 and returns to the ledge ten minutes later. It flies off at 9:10 and returns at 12:25 for an hour. The male and female fly in at 13:45 but the male leaves quickly. The female remains in the box feeding on scraps. Her meal is interrupted by the arrival of XRF and she flies out. XRF remains on the ledge until 15:20.

Please refresh your screen if the picture freezes. Please note, there is currently no sound from the Overview camera.

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