Live Streaming


As both juveniles have now successfully fledged and are more mobile by the day, I will not be publishing a blog of their daily activity. However, we will keep a camera streaming so that you may still see activity when they come to the platform. If I notice anything that may be of interest, I will post a photo or video clip below.

Thank you to everyone for all your comments over the months.

See Videos below.

P7D just manages to take flight.

PCF takes flight.

Click on the camera view you wish to see LIVE!


New Cameras:

Below is a two minute video from one of the recently installed hi-res cameras. This is the male arriving after having had ‘lunch’ and doing a spot of preening. Note there are a number of scrapes that have been made in the box – looking good for the next breeding season.

Below is a short edited video from the new hi-res camera of the pair interacting. The female is on the left and the male arrives soon on the right.

If you would like to see LIVE streaming of pictures from inside the nest box, please help us by giving a donation.

As a UK Register Charity (Number 254645), the Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society (LROS) depends on membership subscriptions and public donations to help us continue our conservation work. Making a donation, no matter how small, would be a fantastic way to support the Leicester Peregrine Project. This will help us buy better equipment that will not only help to protect the birds but also enable us to engage with local communities, schools and visitors to Leicester giving them the chance to see these iconic birds. We would like to acknowledge Leicester City Council and Leicester Cathedral for their support in the supply, installation and streaming of the cameras.

Streaming Live cameras would enable the Leicester Peregrine Project to bring the intimate details of these magnificent falcons into homes, offices and schools. Your financial support will allow us to watch them as they lay their eggs and bring up their chicks, sharing their life story and bringing nature right into the heart of our lives.

Your donation will help us develop and sustain this project. Thank you.