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Here is a diary of the Leicester Peregrines activities. If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

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JULY 2019

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Unfortunately, we are having a major issue with out streaming service. This means that I can not review any video content until they have repaired their server. There is no estimated date when they will be up and running. Thankfully, the majority of the action has occurred this season, so we are not missing much. My sincere apologies.

17 July – the male arrives with a full crop at 8:45 and sits on the ledge. He moves to the opposite ledge at 9:10 before flying off 5 minutes later. He lands at 10:10 calling and goes into the box calling. The female arrives almost immediately but their bonding is interrupted by the arrival of TFC and the male flies out. The female moves to the ledge and despite the fact that TFC has a full crop, it begs at the female. TFC walks around the box picking at stones and feathers. The female flies out at 10:20. The juvenile remains in the box until 11:00 when it moves to the ledge eventually leaving at 12:20. The male is back 5 minutes later and sits preening before flying off at 14:15. TFC flies in calling with another prey item – a Starling at 16:35. As it is already well fed, it stashes the prey by the column and moves to the ledge. At 18:15, it walks into the box and then retrieves the stashed prey from the column. It eventually manages to pluck and feed on it. When it has fed, it moves back to the ledge at 18:35, flying off 10 minutes later. 

16 July – the male arrives at 8:05 and goes into the box. After a few minutes he is back on the platform moving to the ledge at 8:15. St 9:35, he walks back onto the platform calling in anticipation of the arrival of the female. When she does not appear he move back to the ledge at 10:00. He is in the box 15 minutes later but back on the ledge at 10:30. He remains until flying off at 13:05. The female flies in at 15:45 and is joined 10 minutes later by the male who goes into the box before moving to the opposite ledge. The female leaves at 16:30 and the male follows 15 minutes later. He returns at 18:40 but flies out 10 minutes on the arrival of the juvenile TFC carrying an item of prey. TFC plucks and feeds on the prey then settles on the ledge at 19:35. It retrieves the scraps left over on the platform at 20:00 the moves back to the ledge after 10 minutes. At 20:30 the male lands and walks into the box briefly but is away again soon after with TFC remaining on the ledge. It stays there until midnight at least. 

15 July – the male arrives with a Feral Pigeon at 6:10 and is quickly followed by the female. He leaves immediately with his prey. She visits the box for a few moments before returning to the ledge, flying off at 6:45. She is back at 11:45 but leaves 15 minutes later. The male flies in at 12:10 and sits on the ledge until 12:25 when he takes a short flight. On his return, he goes into the box and is followed by the female. There are a few moments of bonding before being interrupted by the arrival of the juvenile TFC who is calling incessantly. The female moves to the platform before flying out pursued by TFC. The male is back at 13:55 but flies off at 14:20. There is no further activity. 

14 July – the female flies in at 12:55, and remains on the ledge until 14:35. TFC flies in at 15:40 but stays for just a few minutes. There is no further activity today.

10 July 2019 – Video: the adult female on a Cathedral cross during the Peregrine Watch Day.
10 July 2019 – Photo: Juvenile TLC was noted on a Cathedral cross.

10 JulyPeregrine Watch Day: the team were in St Martins Square this morning and there was a lot of activity. The adults and all three juveniles were seen during the morning, including TLC who we have been concerned about since her multiple groundings in June. However, she was spotted on a cross and on the weather vane and seen to take a food pass from the adult female. Whilst TFC is noted frequently on the platform (via the cameras), PAF and TLC appear to take their food in the direction of De Montfort University and use one of the multitude of buildings there. All three juveniles look extremely well fed.

7 July – the well-fed female remains sleeping on the ledge, waking at 4:15. She sits, preening and looking out over the city, until flying off at 7:30. A Woodpigeon lands 15 minutes later and walks along the ledge, flying off after 5 minutes, returning briefly at 8:40. The female arrives with fresh prey (Feral Pigeon) at 11:15 and looks around the box calling before proceeding to pluck and eat the item. She stashes it by the column, walks around the box the settles on the ledge. She sits there preening until the male arrives at 13:40 and she goes into the box. There is calling between the pair for a few minutes before the male snatches the stashed prey and flies off. The female looks around and picks at some scraps on the platform. The male returns after 5 minutes and sits on the opposite ledge until 14:00 when he goes into the box where he falls asleep, remaining until 15:00 when he returns to the ledge. The female flies out a few moments later and he flies off at 15:30. 

6 July – the adult male arrives on the ledge at 4:10 and spends much of the time preening. An hour later he is joined by the female who goes into the box. The is posturing and calling before he returns to the ledge briefly then flies off, leaving the female in the box. She moves to the ledge at 5:20 and flies off returning at 9:25. After a spell of preening, she leaves at 11:05. The male flies in calling at 12:45 and settles on the ledge before leaving at 13:50. The female arrives with Feral Pigeon at 16:00 and is closely followed by TFC who watches closely as the adult despatches and plucks the prey. After 5 minutes, the juvenile pecks at the adult’s tail feathers begging to to be fed, but she just flies off and leaves the meal with the young who sits back on the ledge looking around. Eventually, at 16:30, TFC goes to the prey and starts to pick at it, initially plucking a few feathers then getting to the meat. Fifteen minutes later it has finished eating and tries to drag the remains to stash it but after three attempts leaves it on the platform and returns to the ledge to preen. At 18:35, TFC has another feed on the pigeon, this time for 30 minutes, before abandoning the remains on the platform. It flies off with a full crop at 19:25. The female arrives at 21:10 and heads for the remains and feeds on it until 21:40 when there is very little left. She sits on the ledge with a full crop before falling asleep remaining until midnight at least. 

5 July – the male arrives at 4:25 and enters the box for a few minutes before settling on the ledge. At 4:55, he enters the box on the arrival of the female but she forces him out and he flies off.  After making a small scrape, she moves to the ledge, then flies off at 5:05. The male is back at 6:50 and sits on the ledge after a few moments in the box, flying off at 8:05. The female lands and goes straight to the box at 11:20 moving to the ledge 5 minutes later but changes sides after a few minutes as the sun is in her eyes, then flies off. The male is back at 14:10 and is joined by the female at 15:20. She goes into the box and there is calling and posturing whilst he is on the platform. He is back on the kedge after a few minutes but is displaced by the female who takes his place and he flies to the opposite ledge before leaving at 16:45. He is back 30 minutes later and goes into the box, moving to the ledge 10 minutes later. He flies off at 19:05 returning to the box 30 minutes later and the ledge after a further 10 minutes. The female leaves at 20:05 and the male at 21:35. 

4 July – the male flies in at 10:15 and enters the box and looks out over the city. He moves to the ledge at 11:35 and preens. He runs into the box at the arrival of the female at 13:25, then stands on the platform with the central column shielding him from her. There is calling between the pair. After a few minutes he flies off whilst she makes a couple of scrapes before moving to the ledge. She remains on the ledge until 19:20 when someone catches her eye from above and she flies out quickly. 

3 July – there was no activity on camera today.

2 July – TFC remains on the ledge from the previous evening waking at 4:05. It runs into the box 30 minutes later picking at scraps before flying off a few minutes later. There was no further activity on camera today.

1 July – TFC is sleeping on the ledge from the previous evening and is joined by the well-fed female at 1:00. The juvenile calls to the adult for the next 40 minutes before both fall asleep. They are awake at 4:00 and the juvenile resumes its calling – ignored by the female. At 4:20, the juvenile jumps across the platform to knock the adult from the ledge and chases it in flight. The male arrives at 4:35, remaining for 30 minutes. He is back with a full crop at 7:30 but is knocked from the ledge by the arrival of TFC. The juvenile falls asleep on the ledge until 8:20 when it goes into the box for 5 minutes, before lying down on the platform. At 9:40 it stands up, stretches and preens then settles on the ledge. It resumes lying down on the platform at 11:00 but something catches its attention and it flies off. The male flies in at 14:20 and is soon replaced by TFC following behind. It settles on the platform 20 minutes later and falls asleep. It is back on the ledge at 15:45 before flying out 10 minutes later. The male is back at 18:45 and sits on the ledge until 19:05 when he flies off, returning 30 minutes later. At 20:05, he runs into the box on the arrival of the female. There is some posturing and grunting between the pair which is disturbed by the arrival of TFC. The male has to jump over TFC to make his escape and TFC watches him go from the ledge. The female is still in the box but is chased out by the calling juvenile who flies out at 20:10. TFC is back at 21:35 and settles on the ledge, falling asleep at 22:05, remaining until midnight at least. 

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