1 Feb – the male sits sleeping on the ledge until 7:05. He returns 30 minutes later but does not stay long and is back at 9:00 for ten minutes. The female lands briefly a few minutes later and the pair arrives at 9:45. They go into the box, but he quickly leaves; she follows at 10:00. They are back in the box at 11:45. Again he quickly leaves but she remains until 12:10. He pays a ten-minute visit at 14:15 and is then back at 16:50 until 18:35. He makes a short stop at 19:35. The female arrives at 21:00 carrying the remains of her Stock Dove meal. She stashes it by a column and flies off after ten minutes. The male returns at 23:05 and sits on the ledge until midnight.

2 Feb – The male remains sleeping on the ledge until 7:25 when he sees the stashed Stock Dove for the first time. He checks it out but ignores it and flies off. He arrives with the female a few minutes later and she grabs the meal and leaves; he returns to the ledge before leaving at 8:35. He is back 30 minutes later for five minutes. The pair are back briefly at 9:40 and again at 13:50 for five minutes. He returns with the female at 15:25 but he leaves after ten minutes bonding, and she flies out after a further ten minutes tending the scrape. He is on the ledge at 17:05 but takes a short hunting flight at 19:25. He quickly returns and remains until at least midnight.

2 February 2024 – Video: the pair are bonding in the box.

3 Feb – the male remains sleeping on the ledge until 7:00 when he takes a short hunting flight. He leaves at 7:45. There is no further activity until 17:15 when he lands on the ledge remaining until midnight at least.

4 Feb – the male sleeps on the ledge until 7:25. He is back after 20 minutes carrying the remains of Feral Pigeon prey which the female snatches from him and flies off. He moves to the ledge with a full crop, leaving at 8:05. He is back at 9:15 for 35 minutes. The female flies in at 14:45 and goes into the box tending to both scrapes. The male lands on the ledge briefly at 15:50; she flies out at 16:00. The pair are back 15 minutes later. He goes into the box, but she quickly flies off. He then moves to the ledge before leaving at 16:35. He returns at 17:20 and remains on the ledge until midnight at least.

5 Feb – the male remains asleep on the ledge until 6:40 when he takes a short flight and again at 7:25 and 7:30. He flies off at 7:45, briefly returning 30 minutes later. The female lands for a few moments at 10:10. The male is back at 13:10 swiftly followed by the female who goes into the box. He leaves after 15 minutes, and she quickly follows after tending the scrapes. He is back briefly at 16:10 and returns at 16:35 remaining until midnight.

6 Feb – the male remains on the ledge until 7:35 when he makes a short flight, then leaves five minutes later. There is no more activity on camera today.

7 Feb – the male lands at 1:30 but leaves after 25 minutes. He is back at 7:00 for 20 minutes and again briefly at 8:10. The pair arrive at 13:10 but the male quickly leaves. She tends to the scrapes, then flies out 15 minutes later. The male returns to the ledge at 7:25 and remains until midnight.