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23 July – the female flies in with fresh Feral Pigeon prey at 5:40 and immediately starts to pluck and feed. The male flies into the box 30 minutes later and she stop feeding for 15 minutes, then feeds again until 5:45 when she stands on the pigeon protecting her meal. The male moves forward an hour later to see if there was an opportunity for a brief snack. He then moves to the ledge, but she will not give up her prey, so he moves back into the box at 8:10. She starts feeding again at 8:30 and he moves forward to watch the female ten minutes later, but she flies off with her meal. He follows a few moments later but is soon back in the box searching for the female or her meal and flies off when he finds nothing. She is back with the remnants of her meal at 9:05 and she stashes the remains by a column. The male flies in, sneaks behind her through the box and snatches the stash then flies off. She watches him go then moves into the box for ten minutes, then sits on the ledge briefly before flying off. He does not return until 20:20 when he checks the box and then leaves.

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