Nest Box Camera – LIVE

Please bear with us whilst we try and resolve the interruptions on this camera. We are sorry for the break up.

Please note there is currently no sound from this camera.

Latest News: 18 April 2021 – So the drama continues. When the male rose from incubating the egg mid-afternoon of 18 April, a crack could clearly be seen. Despite this, the female took over incubation until she noticed the damage. The egg looked hollow; she flies off with it.

18 April 2021 – Photo: the female notices the crack in the egg and removes it from the scrape.

Most Recent Activity:

6 May – the female moves to the ledge at 3:00. The male flies into the box at 4:05 and she calls incessantly until 4:45 when she flies off. He falls asleep in the box until he leaves at 5:45. He is back 30 minutes later until 6:40. A Woodpigeon spends the next 25 minutes picking at the grit and stones around the box before flying off. The pair return at 7:40 and he leaves after a few minutes bonding; she then moves to the ledge, flying off at 8:05. Two Woodpigeon peck at the grit but are interrupted by the returning male. The feather in one of his talons show it was a near miss – he is already well fed. He sits on the ledge until 15:00 with a couple of short flights in between. The female arrives at 15:00 with the remains of a Feral Pigeon which she feeds on. He goes into the box and after 40 minutes she stops eating and starts to doze. She flies off at 16:30 and he picks at the scraps. She is back at 16:45 and he goes into the box, whilst she calls incessantly. She flies off at 17:10 and he follows. He is back on the ledge at 17:55 and she returns 20 minutes later. He goes into the box but soon leaves. She flies off at 18:25 and the male flies in. He remains on the ledge until 20:00 when the female flies into the box. He returns at 23:15 with a small unidentifiable item of prey which the female takes from him. She feeds on it then moves to the ledge at 23:35 and falls asleep.

Latest Activity

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