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11 May 2022 – Breaking News: despite all the issues with multiple intruders and the unfortunate loss of the resident male, the first egg hatched on 9 May; a second egg hatched two days later – Miracles do happen!

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Regular viewers, and the sharp-eyed of you, will have noticed that the scrape has moved slightly over the last couple of weeks. The initial scrape was much closer to the corner of the box than it is now. It is much nearer the site used over the past five years.

Most Recent Activity:

17 May – the male arrives at 4:45 and the female flies out. He stands over the chicks but does not fully cover them. The female returns at 5:10 and walks to the ledge an hour later, probably looking for the first feed of the day. Nothing is forthcoming so she checks on the chicks then flies out. She is back a few moments later with some scraps and feeds the young. She takes it away after ten minutes and returns to cover the young at 6:40. The male brings more food in at 7:00 then leaves. She feeds the young for ten minutes then takes the remains away. She is back a few moments later but then flies out again. She returns at 7:15 carrying very fresh Feral Pigeon prey, then flies off with it. She is back briefly at 7:35 with her meal now fully plucked. She returns at 7:50 and covers the chicks. The male is back at 9:35 with more food and she feeds them for ten minutes then flies out. The male flies in and stands over the chicks, sheltering them. He gives way to the female at 10:15. At 11:10, she sees something in the skies and flies out. The male arrives five minutes later and covers the eggs until the female returns at 11:25. He brings in a small meal at 11:45 and the female feeds it to the chicks. She then stands over them until 14:15 when she flies off. She is back with food five minutes later and feeds the chicks. She moves to the ledge ten minutes later and looks around, before returning to the chicks. The male is back at 15:15 with another meal which he gives to the female; he watches from the ledge. She flies off with the remains at 15:25 and he moves to stand over the chicks. He walks to the ledge and checks to see where the female is at 16:40 before returning to the chicks. He flies out briefly at 17:15, then returns to the scrape, but is off quickly a few moments later. The female lands at 17:30 but quickly leaves but is back five minutes later and covers the young. The female flies off again at 18:45 and she returns with another item of food a few moments later. She covers the young at 19:00. The male flies in with a meal 20 minutes later. The female takes it from him and feeds the chicks. She leaves with the remains at 19:25 and returns to settle down for the rest of the evening.

Latest Activity

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