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NOTE: From the activity of 10th March, it is obvious that the UN-RINGED female is now in charge of the nest site.

Most Recent Activity:

10 April – the female moves out of the box onto the platform at 4:00. She leaves at 5:10 and the male flies in at 5:35 and settles on the ledge. He goes into the box when the female returns at 6:10, leaving five minute later and she follows. The pair return to the box at 7:30 but the male quickly leaves. She remains on the ledge until 8:00. The male is back 30 minutes later for ten minutes and briefly at 10:00 and the female for a few moments at 10:20. The male is back at 10:35 for ten minutes and briefly at 11:10. At 11:30, the female flies in with the remains of previously eaten Feral Pigeon and takes it into the box; the male quickly follows. There are a few minutes of bonding before the female leaves. The male picks up the pigeon and flies off with it. He is back for a few moments at 12:05 and again at 13:30. The female returns with the pigeon ten minutes later and stashes it by a column and flies out. The male flies in at 14:15, picks up the stash and walks to the platform to attract the female. She duly arrives and take the prey from him. He watches her from the box. She stashes the prey and there are a few moments of bonding. He then picks up the pigeon, but the female snatches it from him and feeds on it before stashing the remains, then flies off. The male is soon back and recovers the stash, takes it to the platform and feeds on it, then flies off. He returns briefly at 15:20, 15:25, 15:55 and at 16:35 sits on the ledge then feeds on the scraps leaving ten minutes later. The pair return together at 16:55; he goes into the box and she calls loudly from the platform. He flies out at 15:15 and she leaves at 17:25. He is back at 18:00 and dozes on the platform until 19:20 when he goes into the box when the female arrives. There are a few moments of bonding and he leaves. She moves to the ledge at 19:35 and then the box at 20:30, where she remains until midnight at least.

Latest Activity

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