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20 May – the male arrives at 4:20 and sits on the ledge for 10 minutes, then flies off. The female has a quick stretch on the ledge at 5:00 and flies off 5 minutes later – the chicks are huddled together in the corner. The female is back at 5:20 and checks out the young before returning to the ledge. The male arrives with the first meal of the day at 6:05 and she relieves him of it and he flies off. She feeds it to the chicks and it is finished in 5 minutes and she returns to the ledge flying off at 6:50. She returns briefly at 7:15 and again, at 7:30. She is back 10 minutes later with a fresh Feral Pigeon that she plucks on the platform then feeds to the young. The chicks are soon sated and start to doze. They are becoming much more mobile and one decides the best place to rest is with its head between the central columns! It also has a habit of sticking its left leg out. The female remains in the box with them but just covers the smallest of the three, returning to the ledge at 9:30, then flying off. It is a bright, sunny morning and all three chicks are lying in the shadow of the centre column. The male arrives at 9:55 and finds a few scraps in the box to feed the chicks. He goes back to the ledge as the chicks huddle in the corner. He sits there dozing until the female arrives at 10:45 and forces him off. She also looks for and finds a few scraps in the box to feed the chicks and then covers them until 12:10 when she is back on the ledge before flying off at 12:45. The male checks the box at 12:55 but there is no food. The female lands at 13:00 and calls to the male whilst the chicks go walkabout in the box and start doing wing exercises. She also checks the box again and the forces the male from the ledge. He is back at 13:40 with a juvenile Starling and the female feeds it to the chicks. Nothing remains after 10 minutes and she returns to the ledge opposite the male. He flies off at 14:35 and she follows 10 minutes later. At 15:30 the male flies in with another Starling and is immediately followed by the female who takes it from him and goes to feed the young. He sits on the ledge watching for 5 minutes then flies off. The female is on the ledge 10 minutes later and the chicks huddle in the corner. She is still there at 16:40 as she follows a Woodpigeon and watches it land on the ledge. It remains for about a minute before flying off. At 18:35, the female flies out and the male makes a quick visit a few moments later. She is back an hour later, checks out the box, moves to the ledge and flies off 10 minutes later. The male is back at 20:15 and dozes on the ledge whilst the chicks are huddles in the corner. He walks into the box at 21:00 as the female arrives but she calls loudly to him and he flies off as she goes and covers the chicks. She then looks around the box for some scraps but there are none and so settles on the ledge. She takes a brief ‘hunting’ flight at 21:10 but returns empty-handed. Eventually, the male returns with another Starling at 21:25 and the female takes it from him and feeds the chicks. It is over after 5 minutes and she is back on the ledge. The chicks settle down in the corner and the female remains on the ledge flying off at 23:05, not returning until 2:40 the following morning. 

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