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3 Aprilthe male arrives at 4:45 and there is a change of incubation duties. The female sits on the ledge preening before falling asleep. She flies off at 6:20, returning briefly 10 minutes later. She is back again briefly at 7:40 and returns 5 minutes later to take over from the male who flies out. He is back at 11:05 and takes over. The female moves to the ledge then flies off. She returns 2 hours later and there is another changeover. Something upsets the female at 15:15 and she calls loudly before leaving in a hurry ignoring the safety of the eggs – a sure sign of an intruding bird. The male comes in to continue incubation. At 17:10, he walks to the platform and looks up into the sky and calls before flying out. He returns quickly and continues incubation. The female returns at 17:45 and sits on the ledge, flying off 5 minutes later. She is back again at 18:55 and there is the last changeover of the day. She settles down for the evening.

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