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Below is a snippet of the fight between our resident female and a younger intruding female. A fight that lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. More info on the Daily Commentary page. Unfortunately, the result is such that this clutch of eggs will not hatch. We wait with interest to see if the pair will lay a second clutch.

27 April 2020 – Video: our resident female defends the nest site against an intruding younger female. Here is a short section from the start of the fight.

Latest Activity

23 May – the pair fly in at 00:25; the male goes into the box and she falls asleep on the ledge. The male flies out at 1:50, returning at 4:25. She flies off at 4:50 and he runs to the platform, looks around then returns to the box. A few minutes later he sits on the ledge. He takes a short flight at 5:25 and goes into the box when the female flies in at 5:40. She joins him in the box and there is calling and posturing. She is back on the ledge after 10 minutes whilst the male remains in the box. She flies off at 6:00 and he follows. He is back 20 minutes later and picks at some scraps left on the platform. He takes a short flight at 6:45 and again at 7:00. He is off again at 7:20 for 10 minutes, returning to the ledge until 8:15 when he goes into the box on the arrival of the well-fed female. He moves stones and one of the eggs before flying out at 8:25. The female goes into the box at 8:55 moving stones and preening until going onto the platform at 9:25 and back on the ledge at 10:05 when the male flies in. He leaves at 10:50 with the female sleeping on the ledge. He is back in the box at 12:05 but flies out 15 minutes later. The female flies off at 12:35. The male returns at 12:45 and the female 10 minutes later. He goes into the box and is joined by the female at 14:20. There is calling and 10 minutes of close-quarter posturing until the male flies off. The female sits in the scrape preening. The male is back at 14:55 for 10 minutes whilst the female remains in the box. She moves to the ledge at 15:10 and flies off 25 minutes later. A Stock Dove walks across the platform at 15:40. It is back in the box at 16:00 and sits in one of the smaller scrapes. It makes a dramatic exit at 16:20 when the male flies in and makes an attempt to catch the Stock Dove but fails. He sits on the ledge until 17:55 when he flies off. He is back 20 minutes later and goes into the box at 19:10 when the female flies in. He falls asleep in the box whilst the female sleeps on the ledge. The male flies out at 21:15 and the female takes his place in the box. The male is soon back and picks at scraps on the platform before leaving again. She moves back to the ledge at 21:30 and falls asleep.

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