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Unfortunately, we are having a major issue with out streaming service. This means that I can not review any video content until they have repaired their server. There is no estimated date when they will be up and running. Thankfully, the majority of the action has occurred this season, so we are not missing much. My sincere apologies.

17 July – the male arrives with a full crop at 8:45 and sits on the ledge. He moves to the opposite ledge at 9:10 before flying off 5 minutes later. He lands at 10:10 calling and goes into the box calling. The female arrives almost immediately but their bonding is interrupted by the arrival of TFC and the male flies out. The female moves to the ledge and despite the fact that TFC has a full crop, it begs at the female. TFC walks around the box picking at stones and feathers. The female flies out at 10:20. The juvenile remains in the box until 11:00 when it moves to the ledge eventually leaving at 12:20. The male is back 5 minutes later and sits preening before flying off at 14:15. TFC flies in calling with another prey item – a Starling at 16:35. As it is already well fed, it stashes the prey by the column and moves to the ledge. At 18:15, it walks into the box and then retrieves the stashed prey from the column. It eventually manages to pluck and feed on it. When it has fed, it moves back to the ledge at 18:35, flying off 10 minutes later. 

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