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5 December – the female remains on the ledge from the previous evening until 8:35 when she walks into the box on the arrival of the male. There is calling between the pair. As soon as the male sees the stashed prey, he snatches it and flies out; always on the lookout for an easy meal. Strangely he is back a few moments later (without the prey) and there is more calling between the pair. He picks at some scraps on the platform but when approached by the female, takes off. He ties to land a few seconds later but the female is still on the ledge and he banks away. She sits on the ledge and he joins her at 9:00 with a full crop! The female flies off 20 minutes later. He takes a short flight at 11:10 then walks into the box as the female arrives. She forces him out and takes his place, he sits on the ledge. She generates a number of scrapes whilst he spends his time preening. She displaces the male on the ledge at 11:25 and falls asleep. The male returns at 13:05 and there is calling between the pair. The female goes into the box and once again, generates scrapes whilst the male sits on the ledge. She sits opposite him 5 minutes later. At 14:00, she takes a short flight and when she returns the male goes into the box. He flies out 5 minutes later, then lands on the ledge. The female goes into the box and scrapes yet again and moves some stones around. She is back on the ledge, opposite the male, at 14:20. Both birds spend some time preening. The male flies off 30 minutes later and the female at 15:50.

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