Nest Box Camera – LIVE

Please note there is currently no sound from this camera.

The Leicester Peregrine Project is managed through the Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society – Reg. Charity 254645. If you would like to help in the funding of this project, you can make secure donations online via the LROS JustGiving page; simply click the button below. Please mark your donation “Peregrine Project“. Thank you.

Most Recent Activity:

2 December – the female remains on the ledge from the previous evening until 6:00 when she flies off. She returns with the male at 7:25 but he soon leaves as she prevents him from snatching the stashed Snipe. She flies off and the male is back five minutes later to search the box and finds the meal. He plucks and feeds on the Snipe then flies off with it at 7:50 as the female arrives. She leaves after checking out for scraps on the platform. She is back briefly at 8:35 and again at 9:10 for five minutes. She returns clutching fresh Feral Pigeon prey at 14:40 but leaves with it a few minutes later. She flies at 20:00 with fresh Redwing prey which she stashes and then flies out. At 21:30 she is back with another Redwing which she also stashes, then settles on the ledge until midnight at least.

Latest Activity

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