The Next Watch Day is Wednesday 12 February at 9:30 in St Martins Square – weather dependent.

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Latest Activity

14 February – the male flies in at 2:00 and looks at the skies above him, settling down 10 minutes later and falling asleep. He is wakened by the arrival of the female at 6:30 and goes into the box. They swap places after 10 minutes and she tends to the scrape and surrounding area. When she walks onto the platform at 6:55, the male flies off and she sits on the ledge. She flies out at 7:30. A Stock Dove lands on the ledge at 8:50 and just escapes as the female lands followed quickly by the male. He goes into the box and when she flies off a few moments later, he moves to the ledge. He goes into the box when the female flies in at 9:40 but returns to the ledge a few minutes later. The female then walks around the platform and box pick up and moving stones. She forces the male from the ledge at 9:55 and she flies out a few moments later. He is back at 10:15 and walks into the box when the female flies in with Pigeon prey at 11:00. He watches as she plucks and feeds on her meal and he moves back to the ledge after 10 minutes. she is very protective of her catch and frequently mantles it whilst calling at the male. He tries to get himself an easy meal at 11:25 but she mantles her prey and he escapes to the box before returning to the ledge. he has another attempt at 11:50 with the same outcome; this time forcing him to fly off and land a few moments later. She is still protecting her meal over 2 hours later and the male has another attempt to steal a meal at 14:10but is forced from the ledge by a flick of the female’s wing. He lands a few moments later and manages to find a small morsel. The female starts to doze but still has the remains of her meal firmly in the grasp of her talons. She is awake again at 14:40 and continues to eat. Yet another attempt is made by the male but he is forced into the box and the female mantles her prey. He has his eyes set on the prey and walks into the box to try from a different angle. He makes a grab for the prey and flies out but the female retains hold of the meal and he is forced to let go. He lands back on the ledge. Another attempt is made but the female pushes him off the ledge. he lands again and he is forced back. The female decides to try and eat more of her meal. She wants to stash the prey but is conscious of the male up to his tricks, so she walks towards him and forces him off the platform, but he returns to the opposite side. She jumps at him and forces him off again but he is soon back. He goes into the box and hides behind the column. At 15:20, the female releases her grip on the prey for a few seconds and he is in; snatches the meal and flies off. She watches him go then sits sated, with a full crop, on the ledge.

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