Nest Box Camera – LIVE

Please note there is currently no sound from this camera.

The Leicester Peregrine Project is managed through the Leicestershire and Rutland Ornithological Society – Reg. Charity 254645. If you would like to help in the funding of this project, you can make secure donations online via the LROS JustGiving page; simply click the button below. Please mark your donation “Peregrine Project“. Thank you.

Most Recent Activity:

19 September – the female flies off at 4:05 and is replaced by the male. She is back at 6:25 and goes into the box as the male flies out. She moves to the ledge and looks out over the city in the dark, then flies out a few moments later. The male returns at 8:15 but flies off after 20 minutes. He is back on the ledge at 10:25. The female flies into the box at 15:15 and five minutes later forces the male from the ledge but she leaves soon after. She returns at 17:05 with a large item of prey, a Rook or Crow, already half-eaten. She continues to eat on the platform and stashes the remnants by a column at 18:00 and settles on the ledge with a full crop, remaining until midnight at least.

Latest Activity

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