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16 June – at 4:20 this morning, TLC makes a strong second flight over the rooftops of the city. If you see her, please let me know.

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14 June – with TLC back in the box after its brief trip along Silver Street, the adult female was on the ledge from the previous evening. Strangely, TLC moved to the section just before the platform at 00:35 and laid prostrate by the column, moving back into the box at 2:55. It is back 10 minutes later and stands in front of the sleeping female. A few minutes later, it walks up to the female and stands beside her by the ledge. TLC spends some time preening before moving back into the box at 3:30. The juvenile makes a brief visit to the platform at 4:00, then tries to head-butt the female from the ledge 5 minutes later. She moves to the opposite side and the juvenile follows pick up some scraps of a previous meal en route and eventually forces the female off. It sits on the ledge looking over the city. It spends the next three hours preening and snoozing. At 7:40, it spends a few minutes flapping and stretching its wings. It becomes a little more active walking around looking for prey but spends most of the time on the ledge. At 8:55, the female arrives with a partially eaten pigeon but before the juvenile had the opportunity to eat, the female flew off with it. She may have been trying to entice the young out of the box again. There are a few minutes of flapping practice before it settles back on the ledge. It moves into the box at 9:25 remaining until 10:50 when it returns to the ledge. It has a flapping session at 11:30 and then picks at some remains on the platform. There is more flapping at 12:00 followed by a preening session. The female returns with the pigeon at 13:05 and this time feeds the youngster. She stashes the remains  by the column 15 minutes later and flies off. A few minutes later, the ale arrives and tries to steal the stash but TLC does not let him pass and he flies off. The juvenile returns to the ledge and watches the street below. At 14:05, it lies down on the platform with its head on the ledge and falls asleep. At 14:50 it is raining and TLC is standing on the ledge and has a brief flapping session 10 minutes later and again at 16:20. It picks at some scraps at 16:40 but the female arrives with a fresh pigeon at 16:|50. It is now noticeable how close in size and stature the juvenile is to the adult and our guess that TLC is a female seems correct. The adult feeds her chick but the male arrives with a meal of his own (a Starling) at 16:55 and TLC takes it from him and he flies off. The female thinks about stashing the second pigeon (the remains of one is still by the column) but flies off with it at 17:00. However, she is back a few minutes later to continue feeding her offspring, leaving after 5 minutes. At 17:15, the juvenile walks to the stashed prey and looks at it but does not eat. Instead, it goes into the box before returning to the ledge. It spends the next hour preening with the occasional wing stretch and flap. At 18:35, it starts to pick at the Starling left by the male but quickly give up. It has another attempt at 19:05 and for the first time, manages to get to the meat of the prey. It has had enough 10 minutes later and is back on the ledge. Considering the slip just the day before, it feels confident enough to stand on one leg! It has another brief attempt at the Starling at 19:55 before commencing some flapping exercises and returning to the ledge. At 20:25, the female arrives with a pigeon and feeds the youngster but flies off 5 minutes later. TLC then proceeds to have a few more flapping sessions before settling on the ledge dozing. It moves into the box at 21:40 but just 15 minutes later, it is back on the platform picking at the Starling again. A few minutes later, it is back in the box. The female lands at 22:15 and is greeted by the youngster who stands in front of her calling. The female hops to the opposite ledge but is followed by the juvenile. It pushes the female from the ledge but she returns immediately. The adult changes position again and is followed by the chick but at 22:25, it gives in and returns to the box. The adult falls asleep at 23:50. 

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