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24 April – the male flies in at 5:40 and takes over. The female returns 4 hours later – quite a long time to leave the male and she resumes incubation. The male arrives back at 13:10 and the female flies out. As usual, he grunts and chips at the eggs as he covers them. The female flies in at 16:05 and the male flies out. The male returns at 18:15 and sits on the ledge, the female remaining on the eggs. At 19:20, the female flies out and the male takes over incubation – quite late for him to be allowed. She returns at 20:10 for the final changeover of the evening. It has been noticeable this afternoon that the female has also been chipping to the eggs when she has been covering them. This would suggest that they are well developed – let’s hope so.

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