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23 August – as has become the norm, TLC leaves at 5:15; first light. The adult male flies in an hour later and sits on the ledge. He moves into the box briefly at 6:45 on the arrival of the female. There is a little bit of posturing but they remain on opposite ledges until 8:00 when something catches the female’s eye and she flies off quickly followed by the male. He returns at 9:40 with a full crop and dozes on the ledge. He remains there, swapping sides a few times until the arrival of TLC at 13:00 displaces him but after a quick check of the box, she flies out. She is back again at 15:45 but leaves just 5 minutes later. TFC lands at 18:40 but only stays for a few minutes. TLC is back at 20:55 and settles down for the evening, remaining until midnight at least.

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