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4 Aprilthe male arrives at 5:10and falls asleep on the ledge until 6:10 when he flies off. He returns 15 minutes later and there is a changeover and the female flies off. She is back sporting a full crop at 8:40 and there is another change of duties 10 minutes later. She walks to the platform at 9:10, looks around and flies off. The male flies in to continue the incubation. She is back 15 minutes later, well fed with a full crop. She sits on the ledge in the sun for 20 minutes then takes over incubation; the male flies off. At 10:30, she walks onto the platform and looks around the sky, presumably checking on her mate, then returns to the eggs. The male is back at 11:55 and they change over. She remains on the ledge preening until 13:00 when they swap and he flies off. He is back at 15:35 when there is another changeover and she flies off. A Woodpigeon lands briefly at 16:55 but flies off safely just as the female flies in. The male leaves and she takes over on the eggs. At 17:05, a Woodpigeon lands on the platform and walks along the ledge calling for a full 5 minutes. He is joined briefly by a second bird but it flew out quickly. During this time the female sat tight on the eggs and just watched – her priority is the safety of the eggs. She settles down for the evening.

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